the kite runner

At the end of the story I reallize, the kite runner is a story of redemption. Amir went through trying to impress his father and try to get his father aprroval. He also felt bad about watching his brother getting rape. In addition he feel terrible for the fact the his mother giving birth to him.

I can't imagine being Amir and searching for approval from my father and trying to redeem myself for watching my brother getting rape. As for me I've alway taking things for granted and I don't know what it like to go through hard and i can't imagine.

the kite runner is a story about a father and son. the father is strong will and son is alway in the search of his father approval. 

The kite runner is a powerfull story about famiy, father and son and redemption. Amir is a remarkable character. Although he redeemed himself at the end of the story but i do't like the way the story end.


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